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SALES: (416) 504-4422 • PARTS: (416) 504-4422 • SERVICE: (416) 504-4422

SALES: (416) 504-4422
PARTS: (416) 504-4422
SERVICE: (416) 504-4422

355 Adelaide St. W. • Toronto, Ontario • M5V 1S2

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2014 Ford Fiesta ST Cavalcade Ford Muskoka

Are you wondering what the monthly payment would be to lease or finance a new Ford or Lincoln? Maybe you've got a certain payment in mind that you'd like to hit? Either way, we have a whole team of experienced Sales Associates that are waiting to crunch some numbers for you.

Seriously, our Sales Team has 9 people and has 190 years of sales experience, so we've seen everything and know all the best ways to get you into your perfect car.

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